What Appliances Use The Most Energy?

Today, most homes include five or six essential appliances needed for everyday life, with a few more thrown in for extra comfort. Every appliance uses some amount of energy to operate. This brings up a question: What appliances use the most energy? Being aware of this information can help homeowners to control energy usage as well as the household budget.

Mister Sparky Tulsa tells you what appliances use the most energy 1. Air Conditioner and Furnace

An air conditioner and furnace claim 47% of the total energy use in a home. This percentage can vary due to the type of air conditioner and furnace system a homeowner has. An older AC/furnace doesn’t have the energy-saving features that a more modern one does. This can result in a higher percentage of energy use. Many of the thermostats designed today make it easier to monitor and control an AC/furnace system’s operation to conserve energy.

 2. Water Heater

A water heater consumes 14% of the total energy used in a home. Of course, some water heaters burn up more electricity than others. A conventional water heater holds a water supply at all times, so when someone in the household needs hot water, it’s ready to go. Alternatively, a tankless water heater heats water as needed. It doesn’t continually heat a supply of it. So, conventional water heaters use the most energy out of the two options.

 3. Lights

The lights in all the rooms in a home and exterior lights account for 12% of a home’s energy use. The electricity usage connected with a home’s lights is relatively easy to control. Doing simple things like turning off the lights in unoccupied rooms, putting timers on lights so they won’t burn all night, and using energy-saving bulbs can lower the percentage of electricity use.

 4. Washer and Dryer

As a homeowner, do you use your washer and dryer several times a day? Or, maybe you only wash clothes once a week. These two appliances account for 13% of the energy use in a household. The number of times these appliances are used per week can undoubtedly raise the percentage of energy used. Doing things like limiting the number of loads done each week and using the hot water washing cycle only when necessary are two easy ways to reduce electricity usage.

 5. Refrigerator

A refrigerator uses 4% of the energy in a household. A refrigerator is plugged in all the time to supply electricity for the operation of the refrigerator and the freezer. In other words, unplugging the refrigerator to save energy is not a logical option! But there are refrigerators designed to be energy-saving, which helps to lower that total percentage.

 6. Oven

An electric oven accounts for 3 to 4% of the total energy usage in a home. Once again, this percentage differs according to the habits of a household. Some households have a conventional oven and rarely use it. Other households use their conventional oven every day. Having a well-insulated oven with a secure door that doesn’t allow heat to escape can make an oven more energy efficient.

 7. Television

Television, DVD player, and cable box usage account for 3% of electricity usage in a home. Unplugging the television and CD player at night can help to reduce that percentage. This cuts down on energy drainage while these appliances are not in use. Appliances that drain energy when it’s not needed are sometimes called vampire appliances!

 8. Dishwasher

A dishwasher accounts for 2% of the total energy usage in a home. When determining what appliances use the most energy, residential dishwashers come in low on the list. One household may use its dishwasher once a day while another doesn’t use it at all. Maybe the dishwasher came along with the home, but the people in the household like to hand wash their dishes. All of these factors can affect the percentage of energy used by this appliance.

 9. Computer

A computer uses 1% of the total energy in a home. As you see, computers are low on the list of what appliances use the most electricity. But keep in mind that many households don’t have a laptop or desktop computer. Family members use their phones, tablets, etc., to go online. Households that do have computers may want to consider putting their device in sleep mode or unplugging it to conserve energy.

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