Landscape Lighting Ideas For Mother’s Day

Find great Mother's Day gift ideas with Mister Sparky's landscape lighting ideas.

Landscape Lighting Ideas For Mother’s Day

Landscape Lighting Ideas For Mother’s Day

Landscape lighting ideas make a memorable Mothers Day gift!Mother’s day is almost here, and you’re probably wondering what you should give the person who gave you life. It’s common for people to feel frustrated, especially if your mother is one of those people who already have everything. You gave her a candle gift set and a gift certificate to dinner last year, and you don’t want to repeat the same thing. This year, wouldn’t it be nice to give her something that she will be able to enjoy every evening for years to come? If you’re feeling unsure about what you should get her, why not have her outdoor lighting installed so she can have a gift that is both spectacular and useful? There are numerous, practical yet aesthetically pleasing options that are available, but here are eight landscape lighting ideas that will last, even under adverse weather conditions, for years to come.

Stair Riser Deck Lights

Lights installed in the stair risers of a deck are a beautiful and functional landscape lighting idea that will help ensure safety and that no one trips. Whether your mother wants to have a get-together with her friends or just walk down to the yard to cut some herbs from her garden after dusk, with stair riser lights, she will be able to see each step, and they also add a warm and inviting glow from the yard.

Well Lights

Does your mother have a garden area or outdoor art display that she would enjoy having highlighted, but wouldn’t want outdoor lighting ruining her natural aesthetic? We have the perfect solution; well lights, well lights are inserted into the ground so that all you see from afar is a spotlight illuminating from the ground. This keeps a clean yard while also displaying her hard work.

Pond Lights

If your mother has a pond or other water feature in her yard, consider having a trained electrician install outdoor lighting around the element so that she can enjoy it every time she looks outside her window. There are even lights that can be submerged so that the glow comes from beneath the water. Other landscape lighting ideas for around the pool include unsubmerged downlights and cross lights.

Moon Lighting

Are there tall trees in your mother’s yard? Moon lighting is one of the many outdoor lighting strategies that will draw the eye up, highlighting an area that might otherwise go unnoticed or could even cast a gloomy tone during the night. Give us a call, and we’ll walk you through this process if you have some tall trees you’d like to highlight.

Path Lighting

Mister Sparky installs a wide variety of landscape lighting ideas!Did you know that there are lights that can even be installed in concrete or wood paths? They are typically circular and sit either flush or slightly recessed from the surface of the path. They are great for areas that you would like to have illuminated, or walkways you’d want help finding in the dark. Since many of these lights provide a dimmer glow, they won’t detract from your focal point.

Cross Lighting

The cross lighting technique is achieved by placing lights in which the direction of separate lights will cross each other. This is a practical application that you will love because it adds dimension to an otherwise dark outdoor space.

Pool Lights

Pool lighting is a perfect example of landscape lighting ideas for Mother's Day!

Like lights in a pond, lights in a pool can be a great addition if your space has an outdoor in-ground pool. They can be installed in the walls of the pool, giving the area an inviting glow that encourages people to take a dip even after the sun sets. If that project is more than you would like to take on, other landscape lighting ideas for pools involve placing lighting around a pool area that doesn’t require cutting into the cement of the pool. Strategically-placed light on the pool deck can also add a pop. Overhead glow near a pool house will also spill onto the pool area.

Exterior Feature Lighting

If your mother has a garden or patio wall, plenty of landscape lighting ideas involve adding some lights set into rock or wood. These lights will add interest to any space. It also serves as a way to help her quickly find the patio table or her plants that may need watering even after it is dark.

There are so many landscape lighting ideas around that the real question is, which ones would you choose? In general, the best designs involve the use of many soft lights as opposed to just a few brighter, harsher lights. This technique will give the outdoor lighting a soft and inviting glow. Also, when you are considering giving the gift of outdoor lighting, make sure that you have a pretty solid vision of what you envision for your specific space. A Mister Sparky Tulsa electrician can help you bring landscape lighting ideas to life for you and your mother this Mother’s Day!

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